Games I've made

I specialised in game design for my final year in my degree (BSc Digital Art & Technology). I was taught to use flash and HTML5 canvas, but my favourite platform is Unity so here are just a couple of them :

Bad Bonfire - 2016 // 2017

Current game I'm working on, more info soon...

Burdened Man - 2016

So this is a totally un-finished game which was part of the global game jam 2016. If you fancy just walking forward for a couple minutes feel free.

Download a copy: Windows Version | Mac Version

Flat Life - 2014

This was my final year project, which received a first XD. Flat Life is a satirical simulation game set in a dystopian america, where all healthcare has been privatized during widespread human transmitted avian flu. The player takes on the role of Gus a health insurance salesman, whos daughter is affected by the disease but is not covered under his policy.

The player must sell insurance to randomly generated applicants in order to pay for an operation for Gus' daughter. Along with selling insurance the player must handle every aspect of Gus' life such as eating, money management and travelling to work on time. Watch the trailer or...

Download a copy: Windows Version | Mac Version

The Vow of Kral - 2013

The Vow of Kral is a 2.5D unity based fantasy platformer, designed for a game design module. It's a side scrolling hack n slash adventure game, that unfortunately is poorly optimized, but I have learnt from it. If you do want to play it make sure you have a decent computer spec, otherwise it will crash and burn.

The premise of the game is Kral the warrior has taken a vow to never wield a weapon, after cutting his best friend in half. Kral must go on a quest to resurrect his friend, unfortunately I only had time to complete the first level of the game.

Download a copy: Windows Version | Mac Version